Test & Evaluation

Merlin Global Services understands that as today’s systems grow more complex, test and evaluation continues to grow as a critical aspect of any program management plan. With less and less room for error, a sound test and evaluation plan is critical to support programmatic milestones and ensure the operational environment is replicated accurately and delivered early. We have extensive experience testing manned and unmanned ISR platforms, to include:

  • Providing flight test engineers who perform test scenario formulation, data collection and performance evaluations

  • Providing flight test directors who develop and supervise the execution of test and evaluation master plans (TEMPs)

  • Offering integrated test & evaluation, including both developmental and operational testing

  • Identifying customer needs for both airframe and sensor test support

Value Proposition

When the performance evaluation of your system is on the line, Merlin will oversee or conduct any element of its test and evaluation program to support accurate measures of effectiveness, suitability and performance. As the line between developmental and operational test continues to blur, we will help ensure a seamless transition for your system’s entry into the operational world.